Drunk In Good Taste: Kdrama Review

There’s something quite endearing about tVn’s Drunk in Good Taste aka Let’s Eat Dessert, a web series about two college freshmen who become fast friends because of a common love for sweets. It was such a cute and innocent romance and brings with it an infectious feeling of good cheer and its two young leads are super adorable.

Synopsis: Jung Chong Nam ( Kim Hyang Gi) and Lee Yeon Nam (Kim Min Kyu) are the best of friends. They meet as college freshmen, immediately click because of a love for sweets and begin to do everything together. Even though Chong Nam is not the prettiest girl in school, Yeon Nam harbors a secret crush on his buddy and is crushed when he finds out she likes his uncle. Will he ever get the nerve to go after the girl or stay in the friend zone for life?

I actually stumbled upon this tVn drama while I was checking out an article about Kim Hyang Gi and her leading men for her current high school drama At Eighteen. Since I couldn’t binge on the drama because its still ongoing, I decided to check Drunk in Good Taste because it seemed cute and it was short. By its end, I was wishing they had done a full drama on it because I just could not get enough of Chong Nam and Yeon Nam’s chemistry.

Kim Hyang Gi
ADORABLE. The way Kim Hyang Gi communicates sincerity adds to her natural charm.
Kim Min Kyu
HE SMILES, YOU SMILE. Its just the Min Kyu effect.

I am a big fan of Kim Hyang Gi from Revenge Note and Along with the Gods. I love her natural charisma and the way she projects positivity in her roles. Its hard not to fall for this girl so it makes it easy to sell the idea of cute guys falling for her antics. In this case, Kim Min Kyu is the cutie pie whose crush on his bestie is obvious for all to see, except for the oblivious object of his affection, who focuses more on taking snaps of (and eating) desserts than seeing what was in front of her all along.

Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Min Kyu
CUTIE PIES. How can you not smile at each scene these two are in? They make audiences feel like they’re twenty again.

I loved the natural rapport between the two lead characters that made the love story unfold so effortlessly. The playfulness of their relationship from Yeon Nam’s constant teasing, especially when it came time to confess his feelings and he was holding out for Chong Nam to say it first, the way he protected her and supported her is totally #boyfriendgoals even from their first meeting. It didn’t feel awkward when Chong Nam began to see him in a different light though because she did have strong feelings about her friend even though she originally thought they were platonic.

It was just an adorable journey. I am at loss for any other description.

In contrast, the development of the love triangle for Chong Nam’s unnie Seohyeon (No Eul) seemed a bit out of place, mainly because the actress played too good of a job of portraying a character who was stiff, serious and unbending that makes it difficult for audiences to see her as a human.

The sibling conflict was also not fully explored in the story. While it was established that the siblings cared for each other, there was really no effort to expound on their backstory except for the superficial flashback with the lollipop scene. Yeon Nam’s uncle had an even worse time of it because apart from that macaron scene, he really had nothing that hinted that he was going to end up with anyone or if the web series would give his character more exposure on the family front.

I liked Tae-i and the photo club peeps too. Tae-i was not a villain even though she often tried to foil Chong Nam and Yeon Nam’s romance. She was just a narcissistic sunbae who only ever wanted Yeon Nam to like her. Most of the time, she was super funny but it was a good message to add that stalker arc for her as a caution for young ones to moderate their sharing on social media.

I loved Drunk in Good Taste plain and simple. As soon as it was over, I wanted to see it again. I actually did see it again a second time for two consecutive nights. If that’s not a mark of a feel good rom com, I don’t know what is. I grin like an idiot whenever I think about its overall cuteness and I guess this means Team #DrunkInGoodTaste did an excellent job. Chokkahe!


PS. Give Kim Hyang Gi and Kim Min Kyu a follow-up drama, please.


PPS. Aesthetically, the differences in their heights made for an interesting contrast. I wasn’t a fan at the style choices they made for Chong Nam’s clothes though — the oversized hoodies and the folds in the pants made her appear shorter than she already was.