Last Christmas: Trailer Review

Last Christmas Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding)

Christmas has come early for fans of Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke and Crazy Rich Asians‘ Henry Golding with the upcoming release of their holiday movie Last Christmas. If the trailer is any indication, it will set hearts aflutter as a welcome holiday gift for romantic comedy fans who are looking for good cheer.

Synopsis: Kate (Emilia Clarke) works as a Santa’s elf in a department store and looks like she is about to have a meltdown with her dead end job and bad choices. Tom (Henry Golding) is her complete opposite. He is charmed by her quirkiness and proceeds to show her that there’s more to life than bad luck.

Sounds cheesy, right? Yup. Judging by the trailer, this film will be as cheesy as the synopsis promises. We’ve seen this formula a thousand times before but surprisingly, it works every single time. Perhaps, its because we all secretly hope that we find a gorgeous guy like Tom who will see past all our flaws and fall in love with the characteristics we see as weaknesses. Girls, you know I’m right on this one.

I have no doubt that Last Christmas will charm the socks off the audience when it comes out in the cinemas because of its feel good premise and likeable stars.

Last Christmas made perfect casting choices for lead characters Kate and Tom because Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding both have solid followings from their previous projects. While Emilia’s role is a far cry from Daenerys Targaryen, it is much closer to her character in 2016’s Me Before You.

Henry Golding seems like he was born to play roles like this. His easy smile and his looks are enough to get any girl to sign up for Team Henry by his name alone. What worries me though is the casting of his Crazy Rich Asians mom Michelle Yeoh in this same movie as Kate’s boss. I think that people will have trouble detaching the two stars from their previous roles when they appear together in this film and that might work against the movie.

While the film is presented as a feel good rom com, I still have my doubts on whether it will have a happy ending because of the illness factor that was raised in the trailer. I think this is a good thing though because it leaves audiences unsure of how the film will end, instead of giving the entire thing away.

All in all, I’m pretty excited to see how this will turn out. Last Christmas will be released on November 8 in US theaters.