Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019: 10 films to keep an eye out for

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino returns to SM Cinemas from September 13-19, 2019 to shine the spotlight on quality indie Filipino movies with the theme Pamilya. Pagkakaibigan. Pag Ibig. Organized  by the Film Development Council of the Philippines in partnership with the theaters, and public and private partners, this year’s event explores the core values that drive Pinoys to go the extra mile.

Check out the  films that were selected as part of this year’s celebration.

Circa: Doña Atang, a once celebrated film producer from the earlier years of Filipino cinema, celebrates her one hundredth birthday. For her wish, she asks for a reunion with all the actors and staff that she has worked with in the past and seeks to complete an unfinished film with one of her directors.

Cuddle Weather: Adela is a small time prostitute who wants to become a high end hooker. Ram is a waitlisted seaman who is also sidelining as a prostitute to earn money for his family. When their paths cross, they are drawn into each other but both are too jaded to believe that their relationship could actually lead to a happy ending. 

G! : Bry and Wacks are close buddies who embark on a roadtrip to fulfill the bucketlist of their cancer-stricken friend Sam. On board Sam’s pickup, the group headed North to tick off Sam’s list which Sam believed will provide him a regret-free goodbye to life.

I’m Ellenya L: Ellenya L. is a typica millenial whose life revolves around social media and wanting to make it as a big time influencer. One day, she meets Kyle, whose connections with her idol land her a chance at the big leagues, but not in the way she expects.

Lola Igna: Lola Igna, at 118 years old, is the oldest living person in her town. While she is ready to die peacefully at any time, the townsfolk try to keep her alive to achieve the title of the oldest living grandmother of the world.

LSS: Sara and Zak go on a journey to follow an upcoming indie-folk band. During their road trip, they  explore joy and pain of falling in love in the backdrop of the music of Ben & Ben.

Open: Long-time partners Rome and Ethan decide to save their union with an open relationship . But will this decision be the solution they needed or actually mark the doom of their love?

Pagbabalik: In a film inspired by actual experiences that Overseas Filipino Workers go through, Rica, an OFW returns home after years abroad only to find that all the money she sent back home amounted to nothing. With an ageing mother left in her care and a son who is set to finish his studies, Rica wrestles with the temptation to go back overseas to try her luck anew.

Panti Sisters: The team behind the megahit indie Die Beautiful returns for a hilarious take on family as a rich widower announces to his gay sons that he is dying. The twist? The first of his three sons to produce an heir gets everything he owns.

Watch Me Kill: Luciana, a contract killer, fails her mission to kill a child for one of her assignments and decides to raise the girl on her own. With her new lease on life, she is faced with the realization — is she the villain or does the fault lie with the organization she serves?