Two Popes: Trailer Review

When I saw the trailer for Netflix’s Two Popes, I was quite surprised about how the film seeks to present Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. It shows the two different personalities with two types of leadership for Catholic Church. It also shows a seemingly playful atmosphere that the two iconic figures present. Two old men who argue over Church matters as one prepares to pass on the torch to the other.

I must say Netflix did good in casting Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce for the lead roles. There was, straight off the bat, a genuine rapport and level of professionalism these two veteran actors immediately brought to the table that made the characters they play seem like typical grandfathers discussing regular matters rather than two leaders of the Church tasked with guiding the millions of followers that make up their flock. It shows the differences in their personalities — one bound to traditional values while the other, trying to blaze the trail to reach out to millions of believers. As a Catholic who witnessed the transition, it connects on a deeper level because it felt true. It felt familiar.

I like that the trailer humanizes these characters that Catholics all over the world look up to and respect. It shows that they too, don’t have all of the answers every single time. When Pope Benedict says that it sometimes gets hard to hear God’s fire, and the way he welcomes Pope Francis as his correction, it showed that he also felt uncertainty at times, contrary to what he projects to the public to steady the flock.

I’m interested to see this to gain insight into what goes on behind Vatican walls and perhaps learn something about the matters of the Church to get a better understanding of what role the Pope plays in the general scheme of things.