See It of Skip It: Movies this Week (Sept. 4, 2019)

In this edition of See it or Skip it, I check out the trailers of Pinoy comedy films, horror sequels, animated gems, rom coms and thrillers which will open this week. Get you popcorns ready as I weigh in on these trailers and see if you agree.
Sanggano, Sangaggo’t, Sanggwapo
If you were a fan of Andrew E., Janno Gibbs and Dennis Padilla, who were responsible for countles comedy blockbusters, you may want to check in on their comeback, Sanggano, Sanngago’t Sanggwapo. Operating on a flimpsy plot, but rich with their familiar comedy tropes, it promises an hour or so of mindless fun. Perfect to watch if you’re having a bad day.
Verdict: See It
It: Chapter 2
Andy Muschietti returns for the second installment of Stephen King’s horror classic and brings back the kiddie cast along with their adult versions. Bill and the Losers’ Club have all left Derry, Maine and have moved on from their encounter with Pennywise, but 27 years after, Mike assembles the gang back together after Pennysise makes a comeback.
I was a big fan of the first reboot and I have complete faith that Muschietti and his team will deliver on this installment as well.
Verdict: See It 
Playmobil the Movie (opens September 6)
When her younger brother Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of Playmobil, unprepared Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home.
Now, I am not wuite familiar with Playmobil, the RPG as the last game I played anywhere was Candy Crush and Wordscape, and the premise seems a bit generic. It could work well for kids who are fans of the game though. I’ll wait for it to come out on video.
Verdict: Skip It 

Can You Keep a Secret (only available on Ayala Cinemas)

A young woman who usually keeps things to herself finds herself confiding all of her secrets to a complete stranger when she has what she believed was a near death experience. The problem is, the stranger turns out to be new CEO of the company she is working for.

I think Can You Keep a Secret has the makings of an enjoyable rom com. Attractive cast, good chemistry and witty dialogue. I’ve seen movies for less. Make sure to check out my Can You Keep a Secret trailer review.

Verdict: See It 


An bunch of teens find an old polaroid camera in the attic which seems to be cursed and each person who had their picture taken looks to be in danger because of it.

Too generic to be interesting.

Verdict: Skip It

Princess in Wonderland

A curious princess finds herself transported into a wonderland inside one of the books she is reading. She befriends a dragon and goes on an epic adventure, presumably to return to her reality with the help of her newfound allies.

There was a lot of borrowed design elements here from Frozen and Shrek, and even the plot is far from original. I’m not so sure this could not have found a better platform as a straight to DVD feature.

Verdict: Skip It