Jollibee nails it again with ‘Garapon’ Grandparents’ day tribute

It has become somewhat of a tradition for local fastfood chain Jollibee to release short stories to celebrate meaningful occasions ever since its first trio of Kwentong Jollibee went viral several years back.

While there have been some misses in the more recent installments, I would be the first to admit that this short film Garapon (Jar) to celebrate Grandparents’ Day is a winner.

Synopsis: A kid tells viewers about his cheapskate grandmother, who scrimps on every centavo to the point that it becomes embarassing. Despite this, however, the child still has a lot of fun with his grandma, especially when she uses her senior citizens discount to treat him to his favorite food. When the reason for grandma’s excessive saving is revealed, it becomes a challenge not to let out the waterworks.

I knew what was going to happen in the end from the moment the first few sequences were revealed. Garapon was quite predictable.

Yet, because the scene looked so familiar (mainly because you witness it in almost every grandparent-grandchild relationship in your family), audiences can’t help but be affected by the scene where grandma refuses to buy shoes because her own sandals are still serviceable. When she checks to see how much she got for her senior’s citizen discount, I saw my own mom scrutinizing her own receipts to see if they deducted everything. When she smiled as her grandchild, it was like a reflection of my parents’ love for my nephew. It made me miss my own grandparents who loved me unconditionally, cared for me, fed me and basically spoiled me.

Its hard not to feel affected by the love presented on the screen. Its hard not to relate with the scenes that ring true in your own family. This short film is simple bit heartfelt. It connects to almost everyone who has felt loved by their granparents.

The film knew how to push the audiences’ buttons and push them, they did.

In doing so, Jollibee succeeded in translating these real situations and genuine emotions to encapsulate it effectively in this two-minute plus video.

The slogan Salamat sa Pagmamahal na kahit minsan hindi niyo tinitipid (Thank you for the love that you never scrimp on) is something that touches the heart. Its a beautiful message, and this short film was amazing as well. You did it again, Jollibee. Great job making me cry again.