Archer: Season 1 Review

I recently ran out of series to watch on Netflix, so I stumbled into Archer, an animated satire revolving around a secret spy agency ironically called ISIS and its crazy cast of characters. Before I knew it, I was alsready halfway through the first season. Its actually kind of funny, in a crude, adult way.

Synopsis: Malory Archer operates a spy agencyc called International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) which works on special cases for the rich and the powerful. Among her top agents are Lana Kane and her son Sterling Archer. The rest of the office is manned by a bunch of weirdos like Pam from HR, Cyril, Lana’s boyfriend and the company’s comptroller, Cheryl, Mallory’s secretary and all around slave, and the tech dudes. Its a veritable hodgepodge of talented misfits from the get go.

I think I started to like the series because of its tounge in cheek approach to the super secret espionage business. I also liked that the top spy in the agency mostly gets by on luck and not skill, sort of a better looking version of Johnny English.

I liked Lana’s portrayal of a badass female character and the underlying tension between her and Archer because of their past relationship. They’re complete opposites but they genuinely seemed to care about each other even though they exasperate each other to no end. Its an interesting dynamic.

I get that some people will be annoyed as Archer as a main character because he’s shallow, vain and basically useless but still, his oblivousness to his faults is funny in itself. Plus, he does evolve somewhat as the series progressesso if audiences are patient with him, there’s hope for this bumbling hero.

I like how weird and over the top the characters were and the way the series employs a workplace comedy element into its execution. Its ridiculous and its mind numbing which makes for a perfect no brainer series to relax to after a long day.

Sure, Archer may not be to everyone’s tastes because it enjoys portrayaing characters from stereoptypes. Archer is also a sexist a*s who, more often than not, offends with his words and his deeds.

But if you are not easily offended and simply want a series that has great animation, entertaining script bordering on the ridiculous, go ahead and catch up on this animated show on Netflix. Just be warned that its crude humor is not for kids.