Triad Princess: Chinese Drama Review

Let me just say that if you’re a fan of Asian dramas and you’re looking for a light viewing experience, Triad Princess could just be the thing for you. With just 6 episodes with 40 minutes each, it tells a simple story filled with laughter and romance perfect for a great binge.

Synopsis: Ni Angie (Eugenie Liu) is the only daughter of a triad boss who is a major fangirl of actor Xu Yi Hang (Jasper Liu). When Yi Fang’s co-actor Ling Yun (Cecilia Choi) is threatened with blackmail, Angie finds the opportunity to take the job of a bodyguard and in the process, gets close to her celebrity crush. But Angie is bethroted to a HK triad leader’s son, which she wants to escape. Plus a  a celebrity and a triad daughter would cause a scandal of epic proportions. What would become of these two star crossed lovebirds?

Triad Princess is pretty much a ball of fluff when it comes to substance. Eugenie does her best with the exagerrated comedic scenes to bring life to her character and it kind of works, mainly because of her strong chemistry with Jasper Liu. The scenes that built up their budding romance were very solid and fun to watch because they really seemed to have fun with each other. 

However, I felt that six epsiodes were not enough to fully thresh out the live syory of Angie and Yi Hang, especially since there were also sub plots thrown in with Sophie and her ex husband, the unexpected romance between Angie’s two most loyal friends, and Cecilia Choi’s character. If Netflix added two more episodes, it would have been the perfect length to explore more scenes for Jasper and Eugenie. 

I say this because wven though Triad Princess seemed to channel a comedic anime approach like Japan’s Nisekoi (with Eugenie’s overexaggerated portrayal of a gangster princess), but the strongest parts of the series were the dramatic parts when conflicts were introduced into Angie and Yi Hang’s relationship. Jasper and Eugenie were great in these parts and it really broke my heart to see how they were forced to make choices against their will. 

I also liked the family dynamic in the series between Angie and Boss Ni (Michael Huang).  Their scenes clearly showed the triad boss’s affection for his daughter, making him doubt the choices he has made for her when he saw how unhappy she was. The triad angle was also super fun and as far removed from reality as ever. 

I liked that this Netflix series knew its market and didn’t take itself too seriously. With the right amounts of humor and romance, Triad Princess came up with a perfect light viewing experience that will leave viewers with big smiles on their faces. However, there were glaring inconsistencies in the series that were just glossed over, and never acknowldged by the show. 

Like, Angie was hired as an assistant and a bodyguard but there were only a couple of scenes where she was shown wth Ling Yun because she was either hanging out with Yi Hang or her besties. There was also very litte character development for Angie because her work experience never really introduced her to the hardships of normal life. Her best friend/henchman just kept giving her money to continue living a lavish lifestyle. Plus, there was really no strong villain to really put this series to the test. 

This was why I actually liked Eddie Kim’s (Tsao Yu Ning) character and how his character appeared to be the main focus of a potential Season 2. Actor Tsao Yu Ning looked like he could bring plenty to the table and I can’t wait for him to show his colors as the main antagonist.

All in all, Triad Princess was a great drama. It was fun to watch although it won’t be nomnated for any writing or acting awards. It knew what it sought to achieve and did so, swimmingly. I’ll definitely stick around for a Season 2. Why not?