Gemini Man: Movie Review

So what does Gemini Man have going for it? A Will Smith vs Will Smith battle? Its not something overly original but it makes for an interesting selling point given Mr. Smith’s talents. Gemini Man did deliver on the action that was promised in the trailer but somehow, there was something missing in this film to make it truly remarkable.

Synopsis: After 72 kills, sniper Henry Brogan (Will Smith) has finally requested to retire from the DIA, thinking that he’s done enough for his country to earn peace and quiet. However, he learns that his last hit was far more complicated than he was led to believe. Now he’s the one on the hit list as a loose end that the government needs to take care of. In order to fulfill this mission, a hitman that looks supiciously like a younger version of himself is sent out to kill him.

I liked the first part of Gemini Man because it delivered on a great plot and action. There was great location shoots as well as perfectly executed motorcyle stunts, hand combat and gunbattles. It was exciting. However, things started to go downhill with the introduction of Henry’s doppleganger. 

Will Smith and Mary Elizabeth Winstead turned up great performances for their roles but I felt really weirded out about Junior. I’m not sure if Will Smith played the part and relied on CGI or makeup but it was really awkward. It seemed like the movie was overselling Junior’s youth with the vulnerable expression, but it felt like he was playing a teenager rather than a guy in his 20s.

There was really no sense of menace or indication that the clone was at par with Henry in terms of skills and intelligence because it was obvious that he was unsure of his actions from the beginning. Clive Owen didn’t have to do much as the main villain of the piece because his character was a cardboard cutout at best. 

I didn’t have to be surprised that Gemini Man played out the dramatic element but it was totally cringeworthy. The extended monologue that Henry had to deliver over and over again to convince his clone about how horrible Clay was, sort of got on my nerves after the third time he tried to convince Junior he was on the wrong team. Still, it was part of Ang Lee’s signature even when he was directing The Hulk.

Anyway, Gemini Man had plenty of ups and downs but the worst of it was that it forgot that it was an action movie before it was a dramatic film and was sold to the public as such. The action died out too soon and what was left was superficial closing dialogue to signify that everything ended up for the best.

It was an awkward ending to a generally awkward film but it wasn’t a bad movie. Not at all. Gemini Man just wasn’t great, that’s all.