One Punch Man: Season 1 Review

I’m kind of late to the party but now I get why people have been waiting for years to watch the second season of One Punch Man. Now that I’ve finished the first season on Netflix, I’m happy that I could jump into the second season without waiting four years for it. This show was definitely super fun, too much fun that I’m feeling a strong sense of seperation anxiety after bingeing on the series.

Synopsis: Saitama is one of the strongest heroes on earth who lives in relative anonymity in City Z. He defeats the strongest monsters but fails to get the recognition he deserves. After witnessing his strength, a cyborg named Genos pledges to become his disciple and the pair register to become professional heroes under the Hero Association.

There is plenty to love about One Punch Man. While before, I was wondering what could be intresting about a hero so strong he defeats all types of villains with one punch, I now stand cortected. How could anyone not love Saitama and his quirky unaffected personality? He is the type of guy we all strive to be. He gets the job done but doesn’t hog the credit. He respects people who are weaker than him. He doesn’t flaunt his strength and takes challenges in stride.

I love how his parallels with the uptight Genos magnifies their individual strengths. Genos is serious and loyal and will stop at nothing to protect his master. Saitama basically lets him grow on his own and protects Genos in his own way. I love the unlikely bromamce between these polar opposites.

And while Kamen Amai Mask represents the commercializarion of the Hero Association, I really appreciate the series highlighting the flipside too — heroes like MumenRTider, Stinger, as well as B and C class heroes doing heroic acts because they are dedicated to helping people. I was particularly impressed with the S class heroes coming together with the threat of Lord Boros’ invasion. The way Silverfang, Metal Bat and Atomic Samurai worked together to take down Lazagard was very very cool and reminded me of the best battles in Ghost Fighter, theMy Hero Academia and Dragonball. Silverfang was really cool. I’m glad he didn’t die.

What I liked about One Punch Man was that the series served up humor in spades but also delivered on the action and the gore. The series did not shortchange anime fans who wanted to see battles between formidable foes and even went the extra mile by employing grindhouse tactics to the execution. 

Characters all had their moments in the series, and there were plenty of leads on the backstories of potential villains for Season 2. I’m particularly invested in Speed of Sound Sonic, Amai Mask and Metal Knight ad and how they will connect with Saitama’s quest for a powerful enemy in the future trajectories of the series. 

One Punch Man was a load of fun. I couldn’t get enough of Saitama’s humor. I can’t wait to catch up on season 2 and wait with other fans for the arrival of season 3. My only complaint for this installment? It was too short. One Punch Man Season 3, onegaishimasu!