Haikyu To The Top Part 2: Anime Review

I’m still one episode short of the second half of Haikyu Season 4 but let me just say that I completely blame Karasuko and Inarizaki for being wide awake at 2 in the morning. Man, what a battle!

Synopsis: After winning their first match in the nationals, Karasuno faces off with the No. 2 seeded Inarizaki High. With a powerhouse team led by the Miya twins Atsumo and Ozamu, the crows are once again pushed to their limits in order to stay alive and play for another day.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki was unlike any other matches that the crows played before. With their Miyagi battles against Date Tech, Aoba Johsai, and Shiratorizawa, the rivalry was firmly established by preliminary battles and practice matches.

Apart from Atsumu attending the Japan all stars camp with Kageyama and provoking him in the process, Inarizaki is a completely different team. As such, we have no inkling what the our courageous crows are up against.

To address this, ee are helped along by background stories about the players that were injected in between the match. This gives us a better perspective about Inarizaki players’ driving force.

I was blown away by the next level rivalry between the setters. It was a far different battle from Oikawa and Kageyama’s rivalry. Atsumu and Tobio really stepped up their game for nationals. They also showcased exceptional control of the ball and their strong bond with their teammates with each set as they continued to go for set after set. Whether its a battle for setting or serving, these two hardworking geniuses deserved every word of praise that went their way.

I liked the fact that in the first three seasons, the focus was mainly on Hinata and Kageyama. This time around, there is a strong focus on the support players as well.

And even though he mainly took the backseat when it comes to the stories being told, at the end of the day, its Hinata’s pure love and devotion to the game that manages to lift his team’s spirit and inspire them to push forward. I loved how he gradually applied what he learned as a ball boy to the crucial segments of the match.

It was even more amazing that all the people who went to camp with him were able to recognize the fruit of his hard work and determination. He even managed to spark Osamu’s spirit with his infectious enthusiasm.

The stability of Captains Kita and Daichi were also highlights of the game, as well as different perspective on leadership.

As Inarizaki and Karasuno’s captains battle it out in terms of maturity, we catch a glimpse of sulky Bokuto this season as well.

It was a beautiful battle that really felt more like a championship match because of its intensity. Viewers can feel every second of excitement because of the magnificent rallies, as both teams dug deep into their arsenals to pull off a victory.

There were actually some people who were complaining about the quality of the animation but seriously, apart from a handful of sub par transition scenes, everything was on point.

Haikyu never lost its touch and remained consistent delivering a heart pounding, nail biting seasons. It was amazing from start to finish. Not a fan of the jazz music they used as a background for the background montages but apart from that, I could not get any more excited about what’s too come. Too bad I’d have to wait another year or so before the next season.