Your Week in Kpop: January 18-24, 2021

Its been a while since I did this but here’s the lowdown on your Kpop favorites this week.

GOT7 Update: Mark reaches 1 million subs on YouTube, announces new music on Feb 12

It seems that things are shaping up for the next chapter of GOT7 members’ careers after they parted ways with JYP Entertainment.

Mark Tuan recently posted his first video on his newly established YouTube channel to thank the fans for achieving a significant milestone on the streaming platform. Mark reached 1 million subscribers prior to uploading his first video.

“Yo guys, we hit one million without any videos? I know you guys have been waiting for some content but give it a little bit more time. I will be posting soon,” he said, as he tried to catch his breath from all the excitement.

Content creators who reach one million subscribers on YouTube are awarded a Gold Play Button which marks a significant milestone on the platform.

Mark also announced that he will release a collaboration with Bangladeshi-American DJ Sanjoy entitled “One in a Million.” The song will drop on February 12. Mark also included a presave link for the song on his video description but in a later update on Twitter, the link was no longer available due to the volume of traffic.

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