SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s school bullying scandal is finally over!

Good news for SEVENTEEN fans! Pledis Entertainment has finally resolved the issue on Mingyu’s school bullying allegations and he will rejoin his group members soon.

After going on an extended hiatus from SEVENTEEN’s group activities, Mingyu also broke his silence on allegations that he was a school bully before he rose to fame as a Kpop idol.

“I apologize to the fans for having given you cause for concern. I did struggle while going through this experience. However, I also ended up learning that my actions could hurt someone, even if I did not mean it or remember it that way. It was also a time during which I reflected on what kind of attitude I should take on in the future,” he said in his personal apology that was included in Pledis Entertainment’s latest update on the issue.

It can be recalled that SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu was one of the idols accused by a former classmate of verbal abuse during their middle school days. As a result, his agency Pledis Entertainment vowed to get to the bottom of the matter and announced that Mingyu will be sitting out group activities until the matter is resolved.

Pledis released several statements during the course of their investigation and reached out to all parties involved, including the individual who posted the allegation on social media.

The label also contacted other individuals who could shed light the incident as there were some parts of the story that did not match as witnesses remembered the incident differently.

The agency reported that Mingyu was able reconcile with his classmate through a message he coursed through Pledis Entertainment. The idol acknowledged that during his younger days, he simply laughed along with what his other classmates said but was unaware of the damage it inflicted on the subject of their ridicule. He expressed his sincere apology to his former classmate. He also apologized to the fans for causing them distress and disappointment.

Mingyu says of the experience:

I’m a person who is able to work because of the love of my fans, and I realized once again that because of that, I need to become a more mature person so that I can repay [my fans] with positive energy. In the future, I will be more careful with my actions and work hard so that I can remain by my fans’ side for a long time

Pledis also called on the fans to refrain from contacting Mingyu’s former classmate to prevent further harm after the matter has been resolved.

Welcome back, Mingyu!