Lee Kwang Soo leaves ‘Running Man’ after 11 years! Find out why

Lee Kwang Soo will be leaving the cast of Running Man after 11 years.

The actor’s agency King Kong by Starship confirmed the news, citing that the injuries that Lee Kwang Soo suffered last year after a car accident figured in his difficult decision to leave the show he called home for the better part of 11 years.

“After becoming involved in his car accident last year, Lee Kwang Soo has received regular physical therapy; despite the continued treatment, there were times when he felt that it was difficult to maintain top physical condition during ‘Running Man’ filmings. As a result, Lee Kwang Soo held lengthy conversations with the production staff, crew, his fellow cast members, as well as the agency, and ultimately arrived at the conclusion that he needed time to recuperate, both physically and mentally,” the agency said in a statement.

King Kong by Starship also expressed gratitude to the fans who have always supported Kwang Soo and promised that he will greet them all again with a bright and healthy image.”
Lee Kwang Soo is the third original cast member to leave the long running variety show after Song Joong Ki in 2011 and Kang Gary in 2016. He will be filming his final episode on May 24.