The Craft Legacy: Movie Review

If you saw the 90s hit movie The Craft, this sequel is loosely connected to the original movie. The sequel deals with a younger cast with a less compelling reason to get into witchcraft and by its end, I had to seriously reflect whether I liked The Craft: Legacy or not.

Synopsis: Lily (Cailee Spaeny) and her mom (Michelle Monaghan) move in with her boyfriend (David Duchovny) and his three sons. After experiencing bullying on her first day, she is embraced by three teen witches who invite her into their coven. But something more sinister is afoot and it is connected to Lily’s birthright.

Like I said, The Craft: Legacy took a younger approach compared to the first movie. While both movies dealt with teens, this batch was not so dark and really seemed only to want to use their powers to have fun and have a sense of sisterhood. The new batch of witches seemed to treat their coven as a social club more than a tool for revenge.

There was a lot of squealing, hugging, and montages of teens having fun. The movie seemed to want to keep its main secret close to its chest and scarcely let out any information about the main villain until the final minutes. Sure, there were crumbs. But nothing really had a lot of follow through. Instead, the film threw bones like Timmy and Isiah’s secret and the secret ceremony that the men in the house seemed to have.

The spells in this version were also pretty weak. The combined powers of these four young witches was nothing compared to any one of the original cast’s powers. And to think that Lily was being built up to have a secret storyline that justified her being different. This was a far sanitized version of the original concept.

Without giving the ending away, The Craft: Legacy was pretty tame. It wasn’t memorable. It was a far cry from the original although as a standalone, it was not a bad movie. It was a passable follow up to the original — the type where it doesn’t matter if it is added to the franchise or forgotten completely. It’s fatal flaw? The movie played it too safe.

If you’re interested to see it, its available to stream on Netflix.