Comeback Alert! Sandara Park promises to return to the stage after leaving YG

Good news Daralings and BLACKJACKS! Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park has promised to return to performing shortly after it was announced that she was leaving YG Entertainment.

The news of her parting with the label came as a shock to many since Dara has been enjoying a successful solo career as a solo artist, carving a niche for herself in the fields of hosting, acting and performing as a stage actress.

However, in their farewell announcement to their artist of 17 years, YG heaped praise on Sandara for her hard work and ability to shine in the different challenges that the label threw at her to reinvent her career after the disbandment of 2NE1 in 2016.

In her post, delivered via her Instagram, Sandara thanked YG, who supported her from the beginning of her career in Korea and even after 2NE1 broke up. She said that the label became her home for 17 years. She expressed gratitude for the label, as well as her seniors who have become part of her extended family.

“When 2NE1 broke up, it felt like everything was falling apart. Then for the next five years, I challenged myself in various genres with the mindset that I was starting all over again! Looking back, those five years became a great asset to me and gifted me with the positive image I have now,” she said.

In her letter, which was posted in time with 2NE1’s debut anniversary, she expressed a longing to return to the stage.

It can be recalled that this was not the first time that Dara shared her intent to work on new music. In 2017, as she appeared as a guest for G-Dragon’s MOTTE World Tour, she thanked the BIGBANG leader for giving her the chance to perform on stage again.

On her DaraTV YouTube channel, Sandara also performed covers and collaborations for her fans, which showed that the experiences she has amassed in the five years after 2NE1’s disbandment only made her improve in her craft. As she leaves the comfort and security of YG, she promised the fans that she will return to her first love, which s performing.

“My heart’s greatest desire has always been being on stage. Showing that part of me is my way of repaying the love and support of my Blackjacks [2NE1’s fan name] who have shown me undying love and also the one unfaltering dream I’ve had since I was in second grade. It is with excitement that I look ahead to the next act in my life which could be my biggest challenge yet as I leave my nest. My priorities are people, affection, and time spent together. Goodbyes are always the hardest to do, but I take a deep breath and take a big step closer to my dream and the people who have stood by me, waiting for me to take that step,” she said.

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