Recalled: Korean Movie Review

Recalled was surrounded by a lot of buzz for all the wrong reasons on the lead up to its Korean theater release. During the height of its promotion, lead star Seo Ye Ji was involved in a controversy about a former relationship which made her a target of netizens and the media. However, this film should not be judged because of rumors and scandals. It deserves to be credited for its amazing, story, cast and direction. Its not your run off the mill suspense.

Synopsis: After an accident leaves her with no memories, Soo Jin (Seo Ye Ji) begins seeing crimes just as they are about to happen. Or so she thinks. She begins to grow more suspicious about her husband (Kim Kang Woo) and the truth of what he’s been telling her since she came out of her coma.

Recalled successfully set the tone of the movie from the start. There was a question looming in the air as the film established dubious actions and stories that don’t quite add up. Was Soo Jin’s husband hiding something? Why did she keep seeing things? These actions makes the audience begin to doubt everything that is happening.

The beauty of this feeling is that it fuels the suspense. Audiences are kept on the edge with the sense of danger and uncertainty and its all thanks to the excellent acting chops of Seo Ye Ji and Kim Kang Woo. Their chemistry was great and they complemented each other perfectly in all of their scenes.

The film banked on its strengths to deliver a complicated story. It was patient and took its time to peel out the layers that made the story so compelling. The twists did not seem forced and it made complete sense. The intensity of the acting, the cinematography and the background music made the mystery so much more engaging.

Without giving too much away, I felt at first that I was so smart to figure out the twist before it was revealed. When the truth unraveled in the end, I was seriously blown away. I actually felt guilty towards the character I suspected to be the villain and the ending was both happy and tragic.

All in all, Recalled keeps audiences on their toes from start to finish and while there were many twists and turns along the way, it was a story about an unselfish love. It was a great film. Beautiful, tragic, but executed perfectly.