Jun Ji Hyun denies divorce rumors, threatens to sue perpetrators of false news

Jun Ji Hyun’s agency was quick to quell rumors of divorce and turned the tables by threatening legal action against the perpetrators of false information.

Rumors that “My Sassy Girl” actress Jun Ji Hyun was facing marital issues with her chaebol husband Choi Joon Hyuk recently became viral when popular YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute made the shocking expose.

The hosts of the channel claimed that Jun Ji Hyun and her husband have been living separately since the late 2020. They alleged that the husband was involved in an affair and wanted a divorce but the actress was resisting to protect her endorsement deals with several brands. The hosts claimed that Jun Ji Hyun was worried that she might be penalized by the companies for causing negative publicity.

The actress has been quite busy since last year after she signed on for the “Kingdom” spin off “Ashin of the North.” The Netflix film will focus on her character in the series before she takes on a bigger role in the third season of the Joseon zombie franchise.

Jun Ji Hyun will also reunite with her “Kingdom” co-star Ju Ji Hoon for the suspense drama Mt. Jiri. The upcoming series was penned by “Kingdom” writer Kim Eun Hee and directed by Lee Eun Bok, whose previous works include “Goblin”, “Mr. Sunshine” and “Descendants of the Sun.”

It can be recalled that Jun Ji Hyun married Alpha investment firm CEO Choi Joon Hyuk in 2012 and took a brief break from showbiz when she gave birth to two children in 2016 and 2018.

In its statement, Jun Ji Hyun’s agency Culture Depot disproved the rumors of marital unrest:

First of all, we clearly state that all information mentioned in the broadcast in
question are false.

Currently, false facts are being indiscriminately spread online, and we have found intentional malicious rumors being created and posted that were derived from the “Garo Sero Institute” broadcast and tabloids.

We therefore plan to investigate the exact truth behind the distorted, false facts, and we will take strong legal action against the spread of false information through erroneous articles and comment.

Check out the trailer for Ashin of the North, out on Netflix this July.