My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review

I was actually waiting for My Hero Academia Season 5 to finish its run before I watched the two movies available on Netflix but I got excited so I ended up watching it anyway. As expected, it was a great action packed installment to the overall story.

Synopsis: After everyone (including Bakugo and Todoroki) secured their provisional heroes’ license, UA Class 1-A is dispatched to the remote island of Nabu to assist the residents after their local hero retired. For the hero work program, the students are tasked to attend to all the islanders’ needs without help from the professional heroes. However, a strong villain who has powers like All for One attacks the island in search of a young boy whose quirk will help him gain ultimate power. Outclassed by the powerful villains, the students must buckle down and work together to protect the islanders and repel the villains on their own.

Heroes Rising is the perfect title for the movie as it aptly describes how Class 1-A is moving forward in their journey to become professional heroes. From attending to minor concerns, to helping the locals with their day to day tasks, the students took their job seriously.

I liked how this story was basically a build up of the relationship between Bakugo and Deku. While he is still bloodthirsty and crude, Bakugo is showing a bit more maturity by working together with his classmates, in particular, Deku.

It was a brutal battle that took everything out of the students. Even the normally unflappable Todoroki had difficulty figuring out how to suppress their powerful enemy. No one came out of it unscathed but it was a giant leap when it came to teamwork and maturity. Everyone stood their ground and did their part at the risk of life and limb. What a Plus Ultra mindset and commitment. From the first and second time they were attacked by big time villains, Class 1-A now knew their strengths and easily teamed up to complement each other’s skills to form formidable teams against Nine and his cohorts.

I was a tad distracted by the score the film used for the final attack of Bakugo and Deku but it was nonetheless epic. It had a very Dragonball vibe to it when they used All for One together and for a while there, I was confused if it was possible. I was also worried about the aftermath. It was good that it was explained in the end.

It was a great film, Heroes Mission, and its a great set up for Season 5. It added a lot of context to the story and while the competition between Deku and Bakugo remains fierce, its good to see that despite all the noise, they share a common goal. It was Plus Ultra all the way.