An Sadit na Planeta (The Little Planet): Short Film Review

Synopsis:  An Sadit na Planeta follows the adventure of a young man as he explores a little planet.

To start off, I was very impressed Arjanmar Rebeta’s An Sadit na Planeta . I was even more blown away to realize that he did almost everything all by his lonesome, with some support from his family and pet. From its message to its execution, this film hit all the check marks for me.

Arjan wakes up in a tiny planet, welcomed by an invisible being. The voice informs him that it was his first day in his planet, the planet I. It was a gift to him to celebrate his birth. Unimpressed with what he saw, Arjan sleeps and wakes up the following day to receive the same message. The same thing happens for several days until one day, he gets tired of sleeping and finally starts to explore his little planet. With each day, Arjan discovers new things about it and with his new sense of purpose, he begins to see things with a different perspective.

I loved how deep the message hits and how relatable it is for anyone who is feeling stuck and alone. “There no big or small planet,” the voice says. “Your freedom expands it. Your incarceration reduces it.”

Whether it refers to Arjan’s little planet or if it is intended to be applied to daily life, the message makes an impact. With constant challenges we experience in life, we are often limited by where we are and what we perceive we can do. Without exploring our potentials and without stepping out of the box, we are limiting our possibilities without knowing what lies outside the said box. Without  looking outside our comfort zone and without trying to expand our horizons, it is easy to fall into a pit of despair and depression. I cannot say it as profoundly as the film but this was by far one of the most inspiring short films that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

The little planet is a metaphor for our lives and how it can be our paradise or our prison. The film talks about our innate right to be free, and how we use our freedoms is both our gift and our bane, depending o the path we wish to tread. When the meaning hits you straight in the gut, it really makes you think.

Apart from the message, the use of the 360 degree camera gives the film a unique and surreal feel. It contributes to the feeling of Arjan being in control of his environment. The background music also shifts to a more upbeat tone as the film progresses and as Arjan unlocks more discoveries in his little planet. It gives the film a sense of wonder and adventure and helps the the audience grow more excited for Arjan and his exploits.

All in all, it was great film. It was beautiful and powerful we should all take note of its message. Taking control of your life is important. And not giving up is already an achievement to celebrate. Watch out for this budding filmmaker. Arjanmar Rebeta is ready to make more waves. I’m sure of it.