Ang Pagdadalaga ni Lola Mayumi : Short Film Review

Synopsis: A virginal old woman hires a callboy to change her perspective about men.

2019 Cinemalaya best actress Ruby Ruiz returns this year with a short film that explores an attempt of a senior virgin to finally get laid.

First off, set your expectations. The title promised sex and intimacy with Lola Mayumi’s deflowering but what you will get is an unexpected night of awkwardness and what ifs. I’m not complaining though, because this short film was quite entertaining.

What I liked about the film was its general tone of awkwardness in varying degrees, from mild to cringeworthy to laugh out loud, just give up hilarity.

Lola Mayumi (Ruby Ruiz) who tries to lose her virginity as she turns into a senior citizen and her general sense of unease in broadcasting the fact to her amigas and close friends makes you want to cover her in a blanket and never let her out. It did not help that the young escort she hired also knew her because they lived in the same small village.

The fact that Lola Mayumi chose to bare her soul and her childhood traumas to the male escort resulted in even more awkward and hilarious moments as Ruby Ruiz unleashed her acting prowess in cheesy 80s style dialogue that seemed to pay homage to the dramatic chops of Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos in their acting prime.

Unfortunately, the acting of the male escort (Julian Roxas) left a lot to be desired, but not for the lack of trying. Audiences could tell that he was clearly making an effort by trying to squeeze out as much tears as he could, but alas his chops was no match to a veteran actress and the gap was impossible to close in just 20 minutes. A for effort but he needs a little bit more practice to become a good actor.

The transition to the flashback scene also seemed out of place. Well, basically everything that did not happen inside the hotel room seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. Director Shiri de Leon should have stuck with the narrative.

All in all, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Lola Mayumi was an effective tongue in cheek take on sex, virginity and everything in between. Bottom line, see a therapist when you need to so you don’t spend close to P10,000 for services not rendered. LOL.