Ate O.G.: Short Film Review

Synopsis: Ate, an aging household helper, struggles with the slow, dull, day-to-day depression of home quarantine in the midst of a nationwide lockdown. Her two teenage employers also struggle and cope in their own way, but seem to take out their negative feelings on her. After running a series of stressful chores for them, Ate finds a familiar medicine that gives her an unexpected form of relief. Not only does it uplift her overall mood, but also finds a newfound connection with the teenagers at home.

I don’t know what type of messaging Ate O.G. was going for but it was as confusing as the drug induced haze that the harrowed maid resorted to for escape against her bratty employers.

The pandemic has been hard for everyone but it is a lot more difficult for some than for others. Take for example the maid of a well of household with two lazy entitled brats yelling commands at her and denigrating her without even a thank you.

As the rich kids complain of having nothing to do, engrossed as they are in social media, gaming and whatnot, Ate, who is homesick and trapped with her horrible masters seeks refuge from her employer’s marijuana stash.

Its intended to be funny, true. But I was unsure what message filmmaker Kevin Mayuga wanted to get across. Humor can be kind of dangerous when it is taken out of context. I get that the film wanted to promote kindness and understanding towards people regardless of station in life.

But, was the film promoting drugs as a means to escape the toils of life? Even though seeing their maid passed out from her high made the kids realize how they put her through the ringer, leading to their remorse and reform, was the proper ending to bond over a weed session?

Sure, compared to other drugs, weed doesn’t seem to be a big deal. But presenting drugs as a fun and recreational escape doesn’t really seem like a responsible message to viewers. Or maybe its just the stuffed shirt in me talking.