Namnama en Lolang (Grandmother’s Hope) : Short Film Review

Nothing is more relatable during a pandemic than a story about a lockdown. In this case, the film talks about a story of a grandmother who converses with her son, who is far away while she cares for her grandchild in the stead of his parents.

At first glance, the story was simple. The grandmother alternately talks to her son and grandson and refers to the time when the lockdown lifts so they can visit.

She talks about life in Baguio and how she and baby Eli are coping with the pandemic. Luckily, her vegetable garden and her poultry produces enough to keep them fed. She shows Eli pictures of his father while growing up and hopes that she can bring him to different places he took his father to when the pandemic is over.

When the lockdown finally lifts, she expresses excitement to finally visit her son and his wife but nothing really quite prepares the viewers for where they are. It causes a genuine shock and puts everything she said before in a different frame.

The film was simple but its main strength was its sincerity. It talked about something we can all relate to during this difficult time. At the end of the movie, we all want to reach out to give Lola and Eli a great big hug.