Out of Body: Short Film Review

Synopsis: Out of Body centers on a neophyte actress Elle (Kelley Day) who lands her first role for a TVC. However, when she arrives on set, everything seems shady and far from what she expected.

Straight out, I liked the cinematography of Out of Body. It perfectly illustrated the sleaziness of the intent of the production with the dingy warehouse, the makeshift dressing room and the rest of the cast and crew. They said all the right things but the underlying malice in their actions was evident.

Viewers will feel fear for the character, as she seems to fall deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole of deceit. Everything on set indicated that the director was rearing for a snuff piece, but the main character was forced to go along with everything because she was trapped. The out of body element seemed to indicate her surrender to her fate, which Out of Body director Enrico Po brilliantly kept under wraps by ending the movie before audiences can find out what actually happens to Elle.

Throughout the movie, the sense of danger was made more palpabalable by the lack of knowledge about what the TVC director was planning to do. Everything hinted that he was up to no good. Everyone on set seemed to know what was going in except for Elle and it was unnerving how she felt like she could no nothing but wait for the other shoe to drop.

It was appalling how actors were treated as commodities and the general misogyny in the film was vomit-inducing to say the least. It was creepy. It was disgusting and it was brilliant all the the same time because of that sustained momentum of suspense.

Audiences unwittingly root for the star to get out of the situation. Viewers silently beg for her to run as far away as her feet can take her. You want her to scream loudly, pick up her phone and leave, speak up against the red flags that keep popping up with every second. You want her to turn the tables, but alas it was not meant to be.

Kudos to the cast for bringing their A game to each role, big or small. Even the extras looked creepy and untrustworthy. Overall, a thumbs up for Out of Body. Hopefully, this serves as a lesson for everyone to listen to their instincts against dangerous situations. It was harrowing to watch Kelley helpless and alone, all while feeling trapped in the same situation the entire 15 minutes that the film was rolling too.