The Whole Truth: Thai Movie Review

I’m a big fan of Asian horror and while not everything is on the same level as Shutter, The Ring or The Grudge, I must admit I’ve had expectations. Thai supernatural horror The Whole Truth was trending on Netflix so I decided to give it a try. I shouldn’t have.

Synopsis: When their single mom Mai gets into an accident, siblings Pim and Pan reluctantly stay with their mom’s estranged parents where they discover a hole in the wall that shows them what might have happened in their house in the past.

The Whole Truth was very ambitious, to say the least. It piled upon layer and layer of unnecessary subplots to the story to make it seem unique and original. However, its main failing was its inability to get audiences interested to learn about the secrets in the first place.

As soon as we are introduced to the main and supporting characters, we understand that this movie is not gonna be good. The acting was horrible. The actors were stuck on a single emotion. Pim was always in a state of shock. Pan always looked constipated. Grandma was always angry, while grandpa was the shadiest of them all. The dubbing didn’t help. They were are devoid of feelings as the actors’ portrayal.

The twist was a veritable giveaway. The milk was a pretty hard sell in the first place. There was also an overall sense of unease and suspicion that surrounded the parents that it didn’t come as a surprise what role they played in the mystery. This was why, if you manage to sit through the entire film, you won’t be shocked or amazed by the ending.

The thing about twists is that you have to learn when to quit. After the major reveal though, the film kept extending the story to reveal more twists. I mean, come on. It was boring enough getting to fhe first twist and we had to sit through another round.

The storytelling seemed inconsistent and the editing amateurish. There were also plenty of unnecessary scenes like the school stuff that Pim was involved in. I think they were only included to establish how perfect Pim was but dude, there are better looking stars in Thailand and they were more skilled actresses too. Pim didn’t look like she was the It girl of her school, even though the movie mentioned it several times.

All in all, The Whole Truth was a borefest that took pride in ripping off classic horror classics and made no apologies for being a copycat. It wasn’t even flattering to the original material. In all fairness, filmmakers tried to do their best. Unfortunately, the film already sank before it could start floating because everything about it was so subpar it was ridiculous.