The Royal Treatment: Movie Review

There are times that you just know what will happen in a movie just by the trailer and The Royal Treatment is just that. And this is also the reason that its a no-brainer choice for anyone wanting to take a break with a romcom.

Synopsis: Prince Thomas of Lavania (Mena Massoud) flies to New York to attend a function before his engagement and happens to book the services of Italian hairdresser Izzy (Laura Marano) to do his hair. Their first encounter was a mess but that does not stop the prince from giving her and her crew the gig of styling them for his royal wedding. As they get to know more about each other, he begins to harbor second thoughts about getting married to a rich heiress from Texas to bail his parents out of their horrible decisions for his country.

I was glad to see Mena Massoud back after his Aladdin stint. It was a shame that after landing the role, he struggled to be cast in anything big again although he did a fairly good job in the live action adaptation. I love Laura Marano even though she basically plays the same character in every project — fun, spunky and independent girl who makes the lead guy realize that she was the girl for him all along.

The Royal Treatment, like I said, was no different. You know how this movie will play out from the first scene. Its just nice to see two cute lead stars stare longingly at each other and grin from ear to ear in each interaction, especially the prince. He looked like he swallowed the sun everytime he looked at Izzy and what girl wouldn’t want that?

I liked the chemistry between Laura and Mena but I struggled with Laura’s Italian-Manhattan accent with this movie. It seemed really off. It was weird and very very thick. The film was overall very very cheesy and formulaic but this does not mean that it was not cute.

I liked the fact that they didn’t really have a really evil villain that stands in the way of true love. Even the fiancee was likeable. And of course, the MVP of this entire thing was Walter (Cameron Rhodes). He was just adorable.

Despite its obvious flaws (being a veritable unoriginal cheesefest), The Royal Treatment was everything you would expect. It was fun while it lasted and its hard not to smile along when everyone is basically smiling and having fun all the time. One thing I would have done differently? I would have turned this into a musical given Mena and Laura’s backgrounds in music. The songs from the soundtrack were great, it would have made for great duets.