Through My Window (Ataves de Mi Ventana): Spanish Movie Review

Synopsis: Raquel (Clara Galle) has been secretly harboring a crush on her next door neighbor, the filthy rich Ares Hidalgo (Julio Pena), one of their heirs of Spain’s Alpha 3 Corporation. She stalks him in secret but they finally come face to face when he hacks through her wifi and discovers her pent up fantasies about him.

Through My Window is a pretty mature take on a typical teen romance. While Raquel has been spying on Ares and has done nothing to approach or harm him, its pretty dark how they both invade each other’s privacy to jumpstart their relationship.

Through My Window is also more liberated in its approach with a lot of erotic scenes compared to other meet cute romances. I don’t even think this even counts as a meet cute. In fact, the beginning of their relationship already establishes that their story will be more intense and is far from the average rom com in terms of raunch and kink.

While their relationship was not perfect, especially in the beginning, sparks just fly with Raquel and Ares with every encounter. While Ares wanted to get the upper hand by calling her a witch, it seemed like he was already establishing an immediate intimacy in their relationship. He liked sparring with her but when he started to develop feelings for her, it scared him off because he didn’t know how to deal with it. Who can blame the guy? Every relationship he witnessed in his life was broken.

Raquel was no better. She didn’t know how to handle relationships, with her only sherpa being her promiscuous friend Dani. She was also clueless about how Yoshi felt (or she simply chose to ignore it) so she didn’t know what to do when her crush ultimately noticed her.

Still, despite the screwed up beginning, I liked how Ares and Raquel genuinely connected and saw through each other. They challenged each other to be who they were meant to be, alone and apart, and more than the sexy scenes, this adds a layer of substance to the film.

I liked the chemistry between Raquel and Ares. They looked good together and they were able to deliver on the contrasting personalities that the two characters demanded.

As for the Hidalgos, the brothers’ relationship was good, considering. They were not competitive with each other but rather expected to rule Alpha 3 as a trio. The parents were also not evil — just desensitized by ambition. The way they realized the importance of their children’s happiness over the big picture was refreshing to watch. I’m glad that the matter was easily resolved.

Another positive thing about this movie? So much eye candy. Everyone was just so good looking and easy on the eyes. Even if the plot was flimsy (which luckily, it was not), many viewers would take pleasure in watching the movie for the sake of the stars.

All in all, Through My Window was a darker, sexier take on the teen romance trope and it had a lot of merits. I liked its ending more than the likes of The Kissing Booth, in fact. No cliffhangers — just two young adults secure in their love, being brave and mature about their choices. Its not the classic happy ending but it was the perfect one for Ares and his witch.