Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc Review

After the events of Mugen Train, stakes are higher. After training for a few months at the Butterfly House, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Nezuko volunteer to join Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui on a mission in the Entertainment District to find his missing wives and the demon that’s been preying on the area.

I must admit that Mugen Train delivered a different level of intensity, and the succeeding six episode arc that focused on Kyojuro Rengoku’s backstory was something that elevated him to a higher level in the eyes of fans.

Tengen Uzui is a different type of Hashira. His flamboyance and flair was a far cry from Rengoku’s all business approach and the way that the three musketeers did not take him seriously made him seem lacking compared to Rengoku. It did not help that there was hardly any bonding between himself and his charges before he set them off on their mission.

As such, they were pretty much left to their own devices as they tried to locate Uzui’s wives who may be in danger after taking on a dangerous undercover mission to weed out Daki, an Upper Moon demon disguised as an Oiran. Unknown to the team, Daki had another ace up her sleeve, as she shared her position with her older brother Gyutaro, who was as ruthless as a demon as he was in his human life. The fact that on her own, Daki defeated seven previous Hashiras and Gyutaro chalked up 15 more, really illustrated the stakes at this point that a single Hashira and three Kanoe level demon slayers may not be enough to defeat the bloodthirsty duo.

I loved how Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu showed their progression in this season, working together well against the Upper Moon when teamwork was needed. I was a bit disappointed that the wives were not stronger for a group of women who were trained be ninjas. It would have been better had they joined the melee and helped Tengen deal with a powerful foe. As a result, he really had his hands full holding his own against Gyutaro. It did not help that he was poisoned early on in the fight and the venom was making him weaker by the moment.

I wished Uzui had more moments to show off his skills as Sound Hashira except for that one burst toward the end. It was a very cool scene, indeed but it would have been better if he had more moments to match Gyutaro’s skill, much like Rengoku’s fight with Akaza was so epic. Still, Uzui was a likeable and honorable character despite his flamboyance so I am happy the way things ended for this arc.

Ufotable once again delivered on flawless animation, and I mean for every frame, whether it was a simple background setting to an action sequence. It was absolute perfection. This was a good season but it was just a bit too short for my taste. I just wish it had gone longer. The cameo of Doma (Upper Moon 2), Iguro (Serpent Hashira) and the teaser for Akaza from Mugen Train are just enough to make me super excited for the next season. Make it come sooner, please.