House of the Dragon: The King of the Narrow Sea Review

Synopsis: House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 4 takes place four years after Daemon and Ser Corlys Valeryon’s campaign to recover the Stepstones, Daemon has established himself as the King of the Narrow Sea. He returns to King’s Landing to stir up more trouble for his brother King Viserys and Rhaenyra.

The King of the Narrow Sea was a very interesting episode, albeit dark. The connection between Rhaenyra and Daemon was re-established perfectly and as a result, a very shippable duo of strong characters (I can’t believe I’m even saying it seeing as they are uncle and niece — but they are Targaryens after all so that should be no surprise). Anyways, as Daemon takes Rhaenyra into the underbellies of Flea Bottom, there is a deep sense of connection between the two, an unspoken understanding if you may. I think this perfectly illustrates their closeness and their understanding of each other like no one in the Kingdom does.

On the other hand, you have Ser Criston Cole, who for the past few episodes has been shooting sparks with the Princess. It would have been perfect if he had just matched with her without the drama but then, there would not have been Fire and Blood in Westeros if not for betrayal.

I like how the progression of the story is set up. From the spoilers I read before this episode, Ser Criston had an axe to grind with Rhaenyra that made him hate her so much. After the events of Episode 4, it would make total sense.

And Daemon, who may or may not have harbored romantic feelings for his niece all along — its really tough to get a read on him which makes his character all the more interesting. On the one hand, he and Rhaenyra would actually be a powerful pair. They have an uncanny similarity where they they share the same blood and they both command dragons. A formidable pair if any. It bears to note that when Daemon proposes to his brother that he wed Rhaenyra to him, his chief objection was only that he was already married to to Lady Royce.

Its also important to note that after a coldness in the aftermath of her Alicent’s betrayal, she and Rhaenyra were in pretty good terms this episode, so much so that they are able to share confidences with each other and back each other up. I wonder how the King’s decision at the end of this episode will flip the dynamic between these two besties once again.

The King of the Narrow Sea offered a lot of progression, and we see Rhaenyra learn how to wield her own power. She discovers herself as she sheds her innocence and actively takes a step towards the dark side like everybody else. Its a slow metamorphosis but she’s getting there. Too bad we will only see Milly Alcock in the role for a couple more episodes.