Tomo Chan is a Girl: Manga Review

I had no idea when I started watching Tomo Chan is a Girl that the series still had a couple of episodes left to go before it ended. Good thing though, that the manga was already completed so I didn’t have to suffer for weeks to find out if and when Jun and Tomo did get together. (They did)

There was so much to like about the anime and I’m glad that it turned out to be very consistent with the manga, in terms of story, pacing, and character development. I loved the manga just as much because there were a lot of chapters that filled in the blanks about the anime.

In the manga, there were more chapters about Jun wrestling with his growing feelings for Tomo and its just so cute how he naively comes to terms about it. He’s just an old soul who makes up his mind very slowly but also very surely. He’s actually more like Goro’s son by the way be acts. I also loved the part where he figured out why Goro was being tough on him to prove he was worthy of his daughter. On the other hand, despite his seeming maturity in some aspects, his reaction to Tomo is every bit a teenage guy.

I also like the development of the friendship of Tomo, Misuzu and Carol and how they constantly scheme to help her get the guy, no matter what extremes they go. I liked Misuzu and Jun’s silent rivalry over being Tomo’s No. 1 best friend and how their characters are really fleshed out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Tomo’s No. 1? She’s amazing through and through.

On the romance part, there are really some scenes that I don’t want the anime to miss out like how Jun always drops by Tanabe’s ramen shop when Tomo was there and made sure to pick her up everyday after work. These subtle nods to her being a female were really heart fluttering. Like how he immediately gets bloodthirsty at anyone mentioning Tomo in a negative light. He’s just on a different level with her so readers know straight off the bat that he loves her, even when he has not realized it yet. When he finally sorted out his feelings for Tomo and confessed to her sincerely multiple times, he just had this look about him that also made readers go ❤ ❤

It was also hilarious how Jun and Tomo’s parents (except Goro) egg the kids on about the kid getting together. The phone call about volunteering child care and Jun’s mom cheering him on during the Spring festival was super cute. Akame witnessing Jun carry her daughter out to the cab when everyone knew she was fully capable of walking was also cute to watch.

It took a lot of chapters to bring Tomo and Jun’s journey to a close (Like I said, Jun decides really slowly) but everything just made sense in the end. Everything happened at the perfect time and I, for one, was really happy how it played out. I wouldn’t giving this entire manga another read because its just so much fun. It makes me so excited to see how the last three episodes of the anime would play out.

PS. The Valentine epilogue was super cute. I wouldn’t mind having more of those too.