The Price of Breaking Up Season 1: Manhwa Review

Synopsis: Ersia Pesenter, the daughter of a duke and duchess was born with pink hair and was selected by the Oracle to be the next princess of the land. She was bethrothed to the Crown Prince at a young age and trained to be his companion for the years after. Just as their wedding date approaches, the Oracle changes his prophecy and another pink haired girl is anointed as the promised princess. Sia finds herself cast aside as her fiance turns his back on her. But this feisty noblewoman knows how to fight when the chips are down. Nobody puts this princess in a corner.

I must say that The Price of Breaking Up has many similarities with The Remarried Empress, a popular Korean webtoon. The difference is that Remarried Empress’s Emperor Sovieshu chose to shun his wife in favor of Rashta (aka in the fandom as Trashta) but in The Price of Breaking Up, the prince simply followed the prophecy of the Oracle. Also, it is more obvious in his actions that he does care about Sia unlike Sovieshu who seemed to have fallen for his scheming paramour in the beginning. This is why it is frustrating to watch the Crown Prince doing nothing as Lady Ruthrella lords it over the palace to try to humiliate his former princess.

What I like about Ersia is that she is no typical heroine who requires being saved by a man in her time of need. Rather, she evaluates the situation neutrally, gathers her allies and mobilizes them using her charm and intellect. She is manipulative, intelligent, scheming, and unafraid to use people as pawns to accomplish her mission. Its dangerous to cross such a combination.

Now, for some readers, they may be turned off by such a character because her motivations are for revenge and pride, not because she wants what is good for the kingdom, unlike other goody two shoes heroines who martyr themselves in the altar of love and kindness.

Sia is different. If she had a pure heart, she would have turned over the notes that she worked so hard for to the Crown Prince and simply left the Palace. But instead of quietly leaving with her head bowed, this woman did not stand by why she was trampled on by an interloper. She did not forgive those whom she had given her heart and betrayed her. I think this was the part that made her relatable to the readers who will take her side.

I liked the fact that she played politics in a subtle way and that her family was loyal to her. Her father always had her back even from a distance and her brother loves her unconditionally, supporting her even though he had no idea what she was planning. That is absolute faith for you. As for the rest of her minions, I love her lady in waiting and her secret bodyguard. I hope down the line, they end up together.

As all of this all unfolds, it is interesting to note that the male lead is yet to be introduced. It is uncanny that very little is known about a main character so deep into the story. It builds up the excitement, given that the high priest also seems to be master manipulator himself. It will be interesting how he will interact with Sia and play into her plans.

For sure, The Price of Breaking Up is not going to be a boring series. It goes against the trope and 20 episodes in, there is a lot more that needs to be unpacked. Stunning art too.