Author: angie chui

Angie Chui is a former journalist turned web content developer for one of the top universities in the Philippines. She loves to watch loads of movies, read tons of books, eat a lot of food, go on budget friendly adventures and tell people about it. She lives with her folks, one dog and 3 regular cats, a number which multiplies come feeding time.
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Cinemalaya 2020: ‘Fatigued’ Review

All in all, the film masterfully laid out the horror element, but in truth,  the real nightmare was actually the loss of the chance to create future happy memories in the “player’s” future. It makes you ask : For so many of us who are busting our a*ses to earn a living, is it really worth it to lose something so precious over it? 

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The World of the Married: Quick Thoughts

All in all, I get why people are hooked to The World of the Married, even though there are already familiar elements to the story that has been explored in previous dramas. You have a rootable central character surrounded by evil, evil people but she just continues to get up after getting knocked down time and again. I am completely on board to see Sun Woo triumph in the end. Only four more episodes to go. 

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A Tale of Two Direks: Kdrama Perspectives from 2 Filipino Directors

Audiences should not be attacked for the type of content that they prefer. And art should know no race. Good cinema is good cinema is good cinema. It transcends language and boundaries. If we want to bring local cinema to the attention of the world, our filmmakers should be open to different world views and approaches. Our local industry should be mindful of quality even while balancing it with profitability.