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#ALIVE: Movie Review

All in all, #Alive started out pretty good but the intensity waned as the movie progressed. It was a good film but it failed to commit to the horror idea. As a result, it became a conversation about mental health and social media. Go figure.

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‘Batman 2021’ : First Thoughts

Pattinson looked nothing like the previous iterations of Bruce Wayne. Unlike the polished and sophisticated facade that the billionaire used to disguise his alter ego, R-Patz looked like a rebellious teen who could’n’t even be bothered to comb his hair.

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Cinemalaya 2020: ‘The Slums’ Review

The Slums doesn’t get overly profound with its messaging but it does get its point across in a straightforward manner. There were attempts to be funny but all of this is just a facade for entertainment value. For those who understand how it is to be poor, it is truly heartbreaking. 

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Cinemalaya 2020: ‘Fatigued’ Review

All in all, the film masterfully laid out the horror element, but in truth,  the real nightmare was actually the loss of the chance to create future happy memories in the “player’s” future. It makes you ask : For so many of us who are busting our a*ses to earn a living, is it really worth it to lose something so precious over it? 

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A Tale of Two Direks: Kdrama Perspectives from 2 Filipino Directors

Audiences should not be attacked for the type of content that they prefer. And art should know no race. Good cinema is good cinema is good cinema. It transcends language and boundaries. If we want to bring local cinema to the attention of the world, our filmmakers should be open to different world views and approaches. Our local industry should be mindful of quality even while balancing it with profitability.