Cinemalaya 2019: Check out this list of finalists

Its that time of the year again and film afficionados are definitely counting the days to the Cinemalaya Festival 2019. The festival which celebrates proudly Filipino independent films kicks off in less than a month on August 2 and will run until August 11 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and select theaters. … Read More Cinemalaya 2019: Check out this list of finalists


Stranger Things: Season 3 Review

Stranger Things experimented a lot in their storytelling approach this season and I felt like it still paid off in delivering a solid and entertaining installment to the franchise. Stranger Things  Season 3 was an exciting, emotional ride but it stuck true to its core at the end of the day — family, friendship and a common sense of heroism. This is why it is still familiar even though the show has already evolved in so many ways. I think I’ll stick around for a season or two more to see what happens next.  … Read More Stranger Things: Season 3 Review

Chernobyl: Miniseries Review

All in all, I could safely say that Chernobyl is one of HBO’s best miniseries despite the lack of any A-listers on its roster. It was gripping. It was engaging. It was dramatic and shocking in all the right places. It took viewers to a journey through history into the most devastating nuclear disaster that threatened to wipe out an entire nation and more. It was a humbling to witness it and leaves one to contemplate one’s mortality in the face of today’s world challenges. I am awed. 

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Your Week in Kpop News: (June 10-16, 2019) BLACKPINK, MOMOLAND, Red Velvet and more

Hi guys, I’ve been writing about K-pop updates these past few weeks and I just thought you might want to check them out. Here’s a compilation of weekly news from your favorite idols. Enjoy! BLACKPINK #BLACKPINKXJeonSoMi Jisoo and Jennie post video to support Jeon So Mi’s Birthday; Fans are lapping it up with 10 million… Read More Your Week in Kpop News: (June 10-16, 2019) BLACKPINK, MOMOLAND, Red Velvet and more