‘Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse’ Movie Review

All in all, Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse managed to tap into the elements that makes Spider-man such a popular action hero and inject a fresh approach to jumpstart an expansion of the franchise. Into the Spider-verse, was fun, funky, interesting, intense and inspiring for young fans. The artwork, cinematography and music were on point and really made the movie come together as a strong, solid addition to the franchise. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Miles Morales as Spider-man in future movies. … Read More ‘Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse’ Movie Review


Goyo Ang Batang Heneral: Movie Review

All in all, “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” had near perfect cinematography but it failed to create a larger than life character in the core of the movie like it did with Heneral Luna. Apart from the implication that Goyo realized his love for his country in his dying moments, as well as his true love for Remedios whom he dedicated his last battle to, Goyo was a disappointing depiction of the life of the Philippine’s youngest general. No matter how great of an actor Paulo Avelino and Carlo Aquino are, there can only be so much they can do with this material. … Read More Goyo Ang Batang Heneral: Movie Review

Reasons you should binge on My Hero Academia (Part 1)

There are many things to like about this series, so much so that I risked going to work looking like a panda because I just couldn’t stop watching the episodes available on Netflix. Just to be clear, let me run down why I, for one, became an instant fan of the series. Be warned though, this is going to be a long post.… Read More Reasons you should binge on My Hero Academia (Part 1)

Escape Room (2019): Movie Review

All in all, Escape Room is an experience all by itself. It leaves you no time to think about the repercussions before it serves you up a new problem that you feel compelled to solve at the same time as the players. It eliminates characters in lightning fast fashion with no mercy and pure accuracy.  This was the film’s bane, as well as its boon. Don’t expect too much blood and gore though because this is not Escape Room’s MO. … Read More Escape Room (2019): Movie Review

Switched: Series Review

All in all, “Switched” will make you frustrated because it had lead characters that you will completely fall in love with, a villainess you can’t completely hate and a story that makes you want more. I’m not completely 100 percent okay with the ending because my heart is still mourning but I would rewatch this series for many more times in the future, for sure because its just so good.  … Read More Switched: Series Review

Nightflyers: Series Review

All in all,  I think Nightflyers could have fared better as a six episode series or even a movie. There was too much time devoted to a buildup that didn’t really pay off in the end, in a justifiable way at least. There was just too much fluff disguised in cool alien jargon. Unfortunately, these were only distractions from the truth that Nightflyers was a sub-par sci fi series despite the hype that surrounded it. … Read More Nightflyers: Series Review