All in all, Mirage was a well thought out story that had many layers. It had a complex plot but it was simplified in a way that helped the audiences understand what was going on unlike some films that thrive on the confusion of the viewers. There were rootable characters whose motivations were clear from the beginning. As such, it delivered a satisfying conclusion to a story that spanned 25 years to complete .

Without giving the ending away, The Craft: Legacy was pretty tame. It wasn’t memorable. It was a far cry from the original although as a standalone, it was not a bad movie. It was a passable follow up to the original — the type where it doesn’t matter if it is added to the franchise or forgotten completely. It’s fatal flaw? The movie played it too safe.

All in all, Mortal Kombat as a source material, already had a lot going for it, a good story, a cool soundtrack and great character quotes. It was truly amazing how Warner Bros and New Line Cinema could fail so badly given these built in elements. But they managed to do it glowingly. At the end of the day, it was all style and no substance. It was a weak attempt to replicate the success of a beloved video game.

In this particular case, I dare say Seo Ye Ji does not deserve the hate. She worked hard to get where she is and her behavior as a girlfriend should not be used as the meter by which the public judges her as a whole. Come on, she was an innocent bystander in the dating issue but now she is losing everything she strived so hard to get. Is that fair? Is life imitating art for the Its Okay Not to Be Okay star, I wonder? Even so, I sincerely hope she bounces back to show the world that she is just as tough as her character, even more so.