Extinction: Movie Review

All in all, Extinction had a commendable idea to turn the tables on the viewers with an unlikely twist and while overall, the strong cast and concept worked together well enough, it seems as though it was missing something quite essential to catapult the movie to epic proportions. Still, it was a good popcorn movie and an entertaining sci fi film for fans of the genre.… Read More Extinction: Movie Review


Yes, I’m a Dream Dad Addict: Here’s Why

I hardly ever make posts about Filipino primetime soaps, and its mainly because Filipino series last for more than a hundred episodes, and mostly revolve around the same formulaic topics. Late last year ABS-CBN premiered Dream Dad, a nightly series about Baste (Zanjoe Marudo), the bachelor president of a dairy company, and  Baby (Jana Agoncillo),… Read More Yes, I’m a Dream Dad Addict: Here’s Why