Badass Movie Moms: Action Edition

Sorry, I know I promised the Badass Movie Moms list yesterday but I put a lot of thought into this so it took me a while. This post is a toast to the characters as well as the amazing actresses who portrayed this roles on the big screen. I originally wanted to narrow it down to two but it just isn’t possible, so without further ado, let me introduce you to these tough cookies who will stop at nothing to protect their own. … Read More Badass Movie Moms: Action Edition

Memorable Movie Moms (Thriller): ‘A Quiet Place’ X ‘Bird Box’

I was inspired to come up with my own special for Mothers’ Day Week. But because moms are super special, I decided to honor these memorable movie moms in pairs so I can give them the full attention that they deserve. After all, moms are badas*es so we shouldn’t scrimp on the tribute, espcially for these movie mothers who have entertained us tremendously with their performances. … Read More Memorable Movie Moms (Thriller): ‘A Quiet Place’ X ‘Bird Box’

Yes, I’m a Dream Dad Addict: Here’s Why

I hardly ever make posts about Filipino primetime soaps, and its mainly because Filipino series last for more than a hundred episodes, and mostly revolve around the same formulaic topics. Late last year ABS-CBN premiered Dream Dad, a nightly series about Baste (Zanjoe Marudo), the bachelor president of a dairy company, and  Baby (Jana Agoncillo),… Read More Yes, I’m a Dream Dad Addict: Here’s Why