Midnight Runners: Movie Review

All in all, Midnight Runners involved a lot of running, brawling, mystery and ethical questions. It will definitely take the audience on a roller coaster ride for its over an hour run. With characters that are rootable and relatable, you can’t help but feel invested in the outcome of their accidental mission. It was well paced and it had a lot of heart. And while its ending was generic, you can’t help but be happy to have at least seen this movie. It was fun.¬†… Read More Midnight Runners: Movie Review

The Hangover 2: A cliched and watered down bomb

The Wolf Pack returns in this 2011 sequel to Todd Philip’s surprise hit that skyrocketed Bradley Cooper into the Hollywood A-list. This time, Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married to Lauren (Jamie Chung), A Thai woman whose father thinks he’s a spineless, worthless piece of the rice cake. Against their better judgement, Doug (Justin Bartha),… Read More The Hangover 2: A cliched and watered down bomb