Trailer Showdown: Black Widow vs. Wonder Woman 1984

Talk about bringing back dead characters to life. Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Expanded Universe’s opening salvo for 2020 are all about dead characters and milking all the marketing value out or fanboy sentimentality. Not that I’m complaining of course, because I would most likely be part of the crowd when the Black Widow movie… Read More Trailer Showdown: Black Widow vs. Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman: Movie Review

All in all, DC is well on its way to perfecting its formula for its next offerings. I have a guess that with the addition of Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa to the franchise, they will play off the dark and brooding energies that its two main superheroes Superman and Batman have already displayed. Oh, and Wonder Woman doesn’t need to prove herself in upcoming installments, she kicked the boys asses with this movie, for sure.   … Read More Wonder Woman: Movie Review