No matter the case, I think Baconaua would have been a better film if it did not focus too much on making its message a big mystery to solve for its audience. While it carried out the artistic side of the film, I believe that the really good movies are those that manage to find the balance between art and entertainment and one that reaches all types of audience. Call me uncultured but this is me #justsaying.

Hilom was simple, at the same time complicated. It was able to deal with such a complicated issue through the innocent eyes of children, where right and wrong is based on gut feel.  Love is love, no ifs, no buts, and Andres and Gael are perfect examples of unconditional love that we could learn from. 

Nakauwi Na depicts the flipside of the government’s war against drugs when killings have become commonplace and no trials are needed to mete out justice against perceived offenders. The story talks about what happens to the families of the victims, like Mang Jerry, who struggles with helplessness as he wrestles with his personal sense of injustice, but has to hold all those feelings in just so he could send off his one and only offspring in the hopes that he finds peace in the afterlife.