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Cinemalaya 2020: ‘Tokwifi’ Review

The film’s cinematography was was visually arresting — the framing, the colors, the contrasts. The film’s cast was charming and engaging.  It only ran for  minutes but it will linger in your memory for far longer because it was simply beautiful. 

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Cinemalaya 2020: ‘The Slums’ Review

The Slums doesn’t get overly profound with its messaging but it does get its point across in a straightforward manner. There were attempts to be funny but all of this is just a facade for entertainment value. For those who understand how it is to be poor, it is truly heartbreaking. 

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Cinemalaya 2020: ‘Fatigued’ Review

All in all, the film masterfully laid out the horror element, but in truth,  the real nightmare was actually the loss of the chance to create future happy memories in the “player’s” future. It makes you ask : For so many of us who are busting our a*ses to earn a living, is it really worth it to lose something so precious over it?