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The Host (2006): Korean Movie Review

The Host, more than a monster movie, was an eye opener. Despite the presence of a fictional creature, the terror is felt just as the same as audiences connect with the story on a deeper level than its sci fi premise. 

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Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): Season 2 Review

Attack on Titan 2 was filled with a lot of information and opened a lot of doors of possibility. At 12 episodes, it must have been torture to wait years for the next installments so I’m glad I already have Season 3 waiting for me.  One thing’s for sure, as the story gets deeper, it gets you more hooked to the series than ever. 

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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Korean Drama Review

All in all, I was completely blown away by the entire production. It was very simple but it was perfectly paced and set up just right. It had just the right amount of push and pull to keep audiences hooked and I, for one, was at the edge of my seat the entire time, rooting for a happy end for these three characters I have come to love in a small period of time. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is quite different from what I would normally invest my time on but it was a series that left its mark on me. It was brilliant.