Perhaps, one of the best parts of the movie for me was the message of humility and sincerity. The Bonifacios had deep-seated issues but they also knew when to acknowledge their shortcomings. At the center of this movie is family and love and this film successfully inspired families to make their own peace and acknowledge their own imperfections as well. Great job to the entire team. Each member was a star in their own right. 

From the cinematography, to the scoring, to the script, to the acting — all of the elements worked together to make for a truly suspenseful, cerebral and emotional ride that strips down the glitz that comes with the name of its superstar cast and reshapes them as the characters that they have signed on to portray.
All in all, Dukot perfectly delivered a film with multiple layers that appealed to the audience emotionally and mentally, and that is a testament to the film’s commitment to delivering something worthy of spending their time and money on.