Miracle in Cell No. 7: Filipino Remake Review

To enjoy this movie, the best advice I could give perhaps, is to view it as its own movie instead of a remake. Miracle in Cell No. 7 holds a different kind of magic. One that is unusual for the season but one that will leave a mark on one’s heart.
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Her Private Life: Kdrama Review

All in all, Her Private Life was so much more that its fangirling concept. It was an engaging journey about finding love, redemption, endings and beginnings in the most unexpected places. It doesn’t take an overly complicated plot or tons of kissing scenes (although the good news is that Her Private Life has plenty) to make a wonderful Kdrama work. A well planned story, with the addition of a great cast, great script and great soundtrack makes for a memorable Kdrama and this one is it.… Read More Her Private Life: Kdrama Review