There is a difference between indie and mainstream movies. Most indie films find themselves struggling to cater to […]

All in all, Rainbow’s Sunset had a loftly goal and the tools to achieve it. However, it became too greedy and tried to bite of more than it can chew by opening doors that it could not close by the movie’s end. As a result, the film felt like scattered pieces of a puzzle that never quite became whole. It felt incomplete and audiences feel like they have been cheated out of something amazing by the time they leave the cinema. I get it. I appreciate the message, but the execution left a lot to be desired. 

I love how Patay na si Hesus toyed with my emotions for the film’s entire run. Just when I was feeling like a tear was about to fall, something hilarious happens and vice versa. It’s a unique gem of indie cinema because it was obvious that writers Raymond Lee and Fatrick Tabada, as well as director Victor Villanueva, put a lot of thought and effort into creating a quality film that relates to the audience on a personal level and tugs at the heartstrings like this one.

Hilom was simple, at the same time complicated. It was able to deal with such a complicated issue through the innocent eyes of children, where right and wrong is based on gut feel.  Love is love, no ifs, no buts, and Andres and Gael are perfect examples of unconditional love that we could learn from. 

Die beautiful, was beautiful. Beautiful script, beautiful execution, beautiful message. This can’t be said for every film.

All in all, I was a big fan of the screenplay because the truth bombs were tailored like arrows aimed straight at audiences hearts. I was also impressed overall by how the story was told. The consistency of the opening and closing scene was a tear jerking bookend to Trisha’s colorful story and it was just full of love, and purpose and color. Much like her final wish to die beautiful, she was remembered for her beautiful life and her beautiful soul and more than anything, she was surrounded by the people who embraced her as she was — brave, beautiful and filled with love.