All in all, I loved the story of Under the Oak Tree, the art and the characters. I’m actually reading the novel on Riftan’s POV, which I discovered from the threads. I’m going to read the novel on Maxi’s perspective after I’m done. This is how good this series is. I just can’t get enough of this couple.

All in all, I would consider Kingdom to be one of Korea’s finest saeguk dramas that can rival the suspense and intensity of HBO’s Game of Thrones. By the first season’s end, it had Battle of Castle Black feels which only fueled one’s desire to see what happens next when the second season opens. Too bad filming will only begin next month and fans will have to wait for another few months before we could binge on another epic season. I for one, could not wait to see if my conspiracy theories are correct. One word for the entire thing — brilliant, even though it ended on a cliffhanger. I could not think of more superlatives for this series. Seriously.