Trailer Showdown: Black Widow vs. Wonder Woman 1984

Talk about bringing back dead characters to life. Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Expanded Universe’s opening salvo for 2020 are all about dead characters and milking all the marketing value out or fanboy sentimentality. Not that I’m complaining of course, because I would most likely be part of the crowd when the Black Widow movie… Read More Trailer Showdown: Black Widow vs. Wonder Woman 1984

Black Panther: Movie Review

All in all, I think that Black Panther was a good solo movie, especially to introduce the Black Panther to the MCU. However, at the end of the movie, I felt more connected to the villain than to the hero and I don’t think that’s what the movie was gunning for. While I would love to see Black Panther fighting alongside the Avengers, I’m not all that interested to see another solo movie. A spinoff with Okoye would be better in my book. But that’s just me. 

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