3 ways Sony can turn the Spider-man/MCU split into a win

So there, my non expert opinions (and hopes) on how this split can still be salvaged. As a fan, I am wishing that everything pans out because I love the Spider-man films (except for the Tobey Maguire trilogy, sorry). Come on guys, do the right thing. … Read More 3 ways Sony can turn the Spider-man/MCU split into a win


Black Panther: Movie Review

All in all, I think that Black Panther was a good solo movie, especially to introduce the Black Panther to the MCU. However, at the end of the movie, I felt more connected to the villain than to the hero and I don’t think that’s what the movie was gunning for. While I would love to see Black Panther fighting alongside the Avengers, I’m not all that interested to see another solo movie. A spinoff with Okoye would be better in my book. But that’s just me. 

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Thor Ragnarok: Movie Review

All in all, “Thor: Ragnarok” had a fun premise. It was also the best out of the three Thor movies if you ask me. I loved that it had great cinematography, a cool soundtrack, a solid cast of characters which equated to a great and entertaining movie. Still, overall, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that if “Thor: Ragnarok” just dialed down on the comedy a bit and put actually put some depth into the plot, it would have been epic. … Read More Thor Ragnarok: Movie Review