It was a good film. It was deliberate in its quietness but director Lorcan Finnegan and writer Garrett Shanley knew what they were doing and knew exactly where they wanted their film to go. Nocebo did not rely on cheap jump scares for a quick reaction but rather built up towards an ending that was well worth waiting an hour and a half for. Great acting, solid story, and brilliant execution, despite the obvious limitations in the budget. If you’re prone to nightmares, this may well be a trigger. You’ve been warned.

Director Theodore Boborol and Firestarters Production really made an impact with ISKA. It involves audiences in an an emotional journey and makes them feel like helpless bystanders as a series of injustice is paraded in front of their eyes. The film was a challenge to the audience, indeed.

All in all, I have no doubt that The Haunting of Hill House has set a new bar for horror franchises for television with this 10-episode series. No cheap thrills for this one, but it gets viewers invested in the characters and makes them care what happens to these unfortunate souls after all they have been through. Its dark and sinister and its refreshing at the same time. Its weird to describe it like that but that’s that.