All in all, Resident Evil:The Final Chapter, though it was able to propel the franchise to become a billion dollar film series, was far from delivering on the hype. It was predictable. It was boring and it may well be the weakest installment in the franchise.

I liked that this film was about a disaster but it was more about people. While most films who deal with an ensemble cast often sacrifice the character building for the sake of balancing the exposure of the stars, DW made sure that audiences establish a connection with each of the characters before it dished out the disaster.(This film also had Dylan O’Brien and Kate Hudson in the cast)

I thought that it was the shame that the main strength of the movie, which was the relationship of the humans and their pets, was sidetracked to deliver a story that has been done countless times before, with the execution leaving a lot to be desired. In the end it was meh. Such a shame because I had high hopes for this one, but in the end, it left me far from impressed.

The Flu, I think, can be compared to the best disaster movies I’ve seen. Sure, its small scale in terms of location since it only covers a city with a half a million population, but because of the area’s proximity to the the capital city of Seoul, the sense of urgency automatically magnifies ten-fold.

All in all, director Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan was a well executed zombie movie that offered more than the usual scares. It adds value to the genre by appealing to the emotions of the audience, making it more effective than expected. The good news is its still showing in some cinemas so its not yet too late to catch the last trip (Sorry, I’ll stop with these puns now) and leave you to decide how to feel about it.

While I felt that some of the characters deserved a better ending, I was completely hooked by Don’t Breathe from beginning to end. I loved every moment, even though I felt like I was about to pee with terror the entire time. It was a master class in horror. Moral of the story, Never mess with Stephen Lang, whether he’s playing Col. Miles Quatrich or a blind guy, he will kick your ass.