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Yesterday: Movie Review

All in all, Yesterday was a simple and heartwarming film that used The Beatles and their music as a backdrop for an equally poignant love story.  At the end of the day,  you’re set as long as you have that one person who will stick it out with you no matter what.

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Coco: Movie Review

All in all, I was well and truly impressed by how Coco managed to celebrate Mexican culture and tradition with the wonderful details of the animation. The film really came to life in a unique and different way. The OST was also one of the best that Disney Pixel had to offer and really stepped up the emotional level of the movie. In my opinion, the purity of the voice acting also played a major factor in the film’s success.The film also had a very moving message — that while families won’t always understand one another,  love will overcome every obstacle. Congratulations to director John Lasseter for pulling another memorable film.