The Kingmaker (and the politics of Imelda Marcos): Documentary Review

  I was seriously expecting The Kingmaker to be a documentary favorable to the Marcoses, given that it was being shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and former First Lady Imelda Marcos was its patron. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it presented an insightful documentary true to its purpose, highlighting the role of Imelda… Read More The Kingmaker (and the politics of Imelda Marcos): Documentary Review

#Netflix Kingdom: Korean Series Review

All in all, I would consider Kingdom to be one of Korea’s finest saeguk dramas that can rival the suspense and intensity of HBO’s Game of Thrones. By the first season’s end, it had Battle of Castle Black feels which only fueled one’s desire to see what happens next when the second season opens. Too bad filming will only begin next month and fans will have to wait for another few months before we could binge on another epic season. I for one, could not wait to see if my conspiracy theories are correct. One word for the entire thing — brilliant, even though it ended on a cliffhanger. I could not think of more superlatives for this series. Seriously. … Read More #Netflix Kingdom: Korean Series Review

Insurgent: Book Review

SYNOPSIS: Tobias, Tris, Peter and a handful of Abnegation members flee the city to seek temporary sanctuary with Amity, but they discover that the Erudite’s action has split their former faction in half. Some have found allies in Candor while Dauntless traitors led by Dauntless leaders Eric and Max have pledged allegiance to Jeanette Matthews… Read More Insurgent: Book Review